Won’t Anybody Think of the Genitals?

Gillian asked me to mention that she will once again be participating in The Underwear Affair, a BC Cancer Foundation fundraiser for fighting those below-the-belt (prostate, colorectal, ovarian, testicular, bladder, cervical, and uterine) cancers:

I am doing the event again this July 7th, though this time I will be doing the 5K walk due to physiotherapist’s orders that running’s out. However, this means that people will be able to see my near-nakedness more clearly, which is way more embarrassing than when zooming past them at lightning speed.

That’s a bit disappointing, because I was going to say that a bonus is reading about how badly she injures herself during these runs. Alas, this year we’re going to have to make due with the underwear photos. There’s no word on whether the team uniform will change for 2007.

Think of what’s in your pants, and the pants of your family and friends (as if you’re not doing so already). Go forth and donate.


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