It’s the Circle of Life, Kruger Style

I saw some pretty amazing things (a whole schwack of photos) in Kruger National Park, and a nearby private game reserve (here comes the Flash!). We watched a pride of lions hunt and capture a badger, which was extraordinary.

It didn’t compare, however, to the eight minutes of video below. It’s certainly the most riveting thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube:

There’s also an amateur videography lesson in this piece. Don’t feel obligated to narrate the whole darn thing–just shoot it and remark on the most interesting bits. I think these people do a pretty good job of not sounding like doofuses (doofi?), which is tough when you witness extraordinary events.


  1. Amazing save! I was glued to this video all the way through…couldn’t believe the turn of events! Thanks for sharing such a brilliant piece of film..

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