I Have Three Dopplr Invites…

Thanks to Tara, I’m now a Dopplr user. Qu’est-ce que c’est Dopplr? Read this. And I now have three invititations to pass on to other worthy humans.

And by “worthy”, I mean the first three people to leave a comment.

UPDATE: That’s three. Thanks for playing.


  1. Dopplr seems to be following the successful model pioneered by Gmail, and echoed by Joost by creating an air of exclusivity around their beta period. Of course, I’d love to check it out if I’m deemed worthy! Thanks.

  2. I’d be interested in trying it, but of course its just one more login/password/site to check regularly that I’m going to have to do…
    when is someone going to build an aggregator for all these cool products/services?

  3. I came a little late to the dopplr invite, but if you get another batch one would be great!

    Still enjoying Malta?


  4. In theory, the three people who get invitations will also have three invitations of their own, so they could share them around with the others if they were so inclined.

  5. If anyone has an extra Dopplr invite, I would appreciate the invite. Thank you!


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