What’s Your Experience Been with BlogAds.com?

Quick question for those of you generating the online revenue. This is mostly for a client site, but also out of personal interest. What’s your experience been with BlogAds? I imagine the rate of return beats Google AdSense. Have you been happy with the ads they run? Any complaints?


  1. I’ve used them for a few years now, and they were good at the beginning. But now I found most ads have dried up — at least in the travel category. Could be the explosion of competition.

  2. I think you’ve actually skipped a level in the online ad game: the most money on a per CPM basis comes from ad networks like Federated Media, then Blog Ads and then Google Ads.

  3. Yeah, I’m aware of Federated Media. They don’t have a category for my client, and while I’ve had a couple of chats with them about DB.com, I think the lack of category for this site discourages them a bit.

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