A New Green Social Network, and Rachel McAdams is Hot

This morning via an email to DeSmogBlog, I learned about RiverWired, a social network for the environmentally inclined:

RiverWired is the one place online for you and your friends to find more. More inspiration. More knowledge. More fun. Whether you want to find the perfect hybrid vehicle or simple, practical ideas for your greener lifestyle, we’ve got best of the web information and community for you.

That sounds a lot like WorldChanging, but the more, the merrier. Nice looking site design, regardless.

Along similar lines, Colene pointed at GreenisSexy.org:

green is sexy came about when three friends realized that exchanging quips & tips on ways to make an impact on the environment was becoming daily conversation. They decided that, with a little bit of research and some help from their friends, they could spread the word to all sorts of people and really make a difference.

In addition to green, do you know what else is sexy? Rachel McAdams, that’s what. She’s one of the site’s founders, and gives me yet another reason (after talent, hotness and Canadianness) to launch a Malta chapter of her fan club.


  1. So can we have a picture of Rachel McAdams then? Unlike you to miss an opportuity like that! 🙂

  2. Sean: You make a good point. I’d say you’d recognize her to see her. She’s been in movies like Mean Girls, The NoteBook and Wedding Crashers.

  3. I don’t know if you know about Wiserearth.org, but it is a great networking resource for non-profits. Over 100,000 non-governmental organizations are listed on wiserearth.org.

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