Spread the Word: Nicole Vienneau is Missing in Syria

I’m not sure how much I can help by blogging about this, but Talid wrote and asked me to post about his friend’s Vancouverite sister who’s disappeared in Syria:

We know she made it out of Lebanon and was in Syria. Her Syrian visa expired on April 5th, so we presume that she’s in Turkey, but can’t say for certain. My mom contacted Foreign Affairs on Thursday and they’re checking if she crossed the border (we hope). But it’s a long-weekend in the Middle-East so we haven’t hear anything (perhaps tomorrow). They suggested that young girls can get caught up in things and forget to email, but she’s not that young (my apologies to her in advance!) and she’s not foolhardy – you don’t successfully navigate all these trips by being silly.

This already got dugg (where-in many Digg users confirm their incredible asshattery), but I haven’t seen any mainstream news hits about it.


  1. Hi there! I stumbled across your post from awhile back about a place/site that sold Fake ID’s.. the link no longer works.. Do you know anymore about this? I am from the states, looking for BC ID.. If you have any info, please email me. Thanks!

  2. I’m going to post this on the Lonely Planet thorn tree (backpacker forum)

  3. They finally profiled it/mentioned it on CTV 6:00pm news last night (Sat. May 5). Not much info, but some pictures–don’t know if this is the first time on the news or not. Sounds like a dire situation. Hope they find her soon.

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