My First (and Possibly Last) Cat Blogging Post of 2007

Our hotel is right next to the Royal Dublin Society, commonly known around these parts as the RDS. The RDS is pretty much like Vancouver’s PNE, or any large exhibition grounds. Yesterday we saw a sign advertising a Supreme Cat Show at the RDS, and had to pop by to watch the feline strangeness.

In truth, it was less strange than I hoped. I did manage to get a few photos (as always, click for larger versions).

These cats just shouldn’t be:


I like the alarmed look on this cat’s face (and the creepy-looking kid at right):

Help Me!

This isn’t a cat photo, but what do you suppose this woman has in her Coke bottle?

What's in this Coke Bottle?


  1. The first cat looks like a Cornish Rex. A friend of mine has 2 of them. I’m kind of afraid of them. They just don’t behave like normal cats!!!!! They jump around all the furniture in his house like monkeys. He also plays hide & seek with them, they even jump out from their hidey spots during the game….

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