Listed on Friday, Sold on Monday

Regular readers know that we’re selling our apartment and moving to Malta. As it turns out, the selling-the-apartment part was insanely easy.

We listed it a week ago Friday, had a group showing on the following Monday, and had two offers in hand on Monday night. We accepted the offer at asking price, and a week later the subjects were removed. The buyer’s even taking our man-eating wall bed. Easiest apartment sale ever.


  1. The market in Vancouver is so insane right now. I’m hoping they were local, because I see so many places going to foreign investors now, which sort of sucks for those people trying to buy and live here..

    Enjoy Malta…

  2. I’m so jealous. My house has been on the market for 4 months, and although we’ve had problem two dozen people come see it, we haven’t had an offer. Good luck on your move to Malta.

  3. Brian: I can’t emphasize how little I deserve the credit for this one. Aside from straightening up the place, it was all the market, our agent and dumb luck.

  4. It’s a crazy market, that’s for sure. Both houses on either side of ours in Tsawwassen have been up for sale for six months. One of them finally sold a little over a week ago. The other still awaits a buyer.

  5. Wow, as a fellow Yaletown condo owner that’s a reassuring sign. I also think the market is nuts, but as long as it’s nuts in m favor, fine by me. 🙂

    Also, I’m with you on selling the place before a move. I tried renting out my previous condo (it was on Seymour and Pender) a few years ago and it was a nightmare. Selling it netted me 50k profit, more out of dumb luck than anything (this was in 2004.) If I was to take off for an extended period of time, I’d either sell the place or make sure I was making enough at my overseas job to keep the mortgage payments coming, and leave it tenant-free.

  6. I just read about the man-eating bed but couldn’t comment there. That was hilarious! It’s one of those things that isn’t quite so funny at the time when you’re going through it, but I’m glad you can make it a laughing matter. The fact that the bed has a name (especially “Murphy” — it reminds me of a puppet with a very large mouth from a childhood show) just tops it off. Thank goodness you were able to squeeze out. Congrats on selling the apartment so quickly!

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