Northern Voice Gave Me the Plague

I’ve been down for the count since Saturday night. That night I slept thirteen hours, and had a feverish dream in which I was a wiki and anyone could edit me. More of a nightmare, really.

I’m on the road to recovery, but things will be very slow around here for another day or so.

Oh, and what the heck? I’m out of action for a couple of days and the Canucks go and re-acquire Brent Sopel? Smolinski’s a good pickup, though.

UPDATE: In case you’re keeping track at home, I understand that the following Northern Voice attendees have fallen ill (thanks to Airdrie for a partial list, and apologies for the lack of links, I’m sick): me, Travis, Susie, Maryam, Kerry Anne, Robert Scales, Warwick, Erika, Patricia, Roland and Boris.

Let’s find patient zero and beat them senseless with our kleenex balls. Maffin was coughing up a storm next to me in one seminar–I’m blaming him.

UPDATE: #2: Add to that list Tim, Lauren, Brad, Jason, Brian, Keira, D’Arcy, Robin and Arjun. That’s 20 freakin’ people from one conference. That’s it, NV 2008 will only occur in Second Life. That’s assuming, you know, we can avoid the flying phalli and grey goo.


  1. seriously, i have dreams like that sometimes when i’m sick. same thing is happening to me after podcamp toronto, by the way.

  2. Heck, yeah, I left early on Saturday (missing your session unfortunately) because I could feel it coming…got home and BOOOM – down for the count until last night. Feeling much better today…kind of a 1-2 day flu. Get well everyone!

  3. Ditto. That sounds like my Saturday night the previous week. Sorry, I didn’t make it to NV – couldn’t damn afford it!

    And Mark Messier retired tonight?
    Too bad the Canucks didn’t learn from their mistake in the last game (two consecutive penalties followed by the losing goal) and then repeated it. 😛

  4. I got sick too, not the flu fortunately just a regular cold. I left NV shortly after lunch when I felt it coming on. No sleep that night and spent all day Sunday hoping someone would come and save me or at least show up with a lovely basket of fruit………..

    I blame it on the cold rain making people vulnerable to air-borne germies..(I did notice Boris walking in the rain with no umbrella!).

  5. And we were joking that Roland should have a bumper sticker that says, ‘My other car is a wiki.’

    Maybe you could get a tattoo that says ‘My second self is a wiki.’

    Oh, and I guess it’s in bad taste to gloat about not getting sick? An enormous spinach salad, two grapefruits, an orange and two salmon fillets must have supercharged my immunity, like the star in Mario Bros.

  6. ugh, day four for me, but definitely on the upswing. Sadly, I too dreamt about wikis, but a ‘softer’, ‘kinder’ wiki than we know today. whatever the hell that is. >8/

  7. I hate to say this, but both myself and partner Keira (who also attended) are both fighting a cold.

    If we do this again next year, we might need to bring in an epidemiologist or at least an on-site public nurse.

    I too have been having a lot of NV-related technology dreams, but nothing as disturbing as yours. Mine seem to often involve YouTube for some reason.

  8. I thought the clean northern air was supposed to be healthier! I have only had a lingering headache (due in part to trying to squeeze so much info into old (version 1.0?) tired circuitry). I wish you speedy health.

  9. my theory is that patient zero infected us all on thursday night, but i’ll admit to having done no research on the incubation period of colds. (i’ve got a cold.) it’d be interesting to know if anyone who got sick on saturday afternoon/evening DIDN’T go on thursday night.

  10. Oh gawd, it’s Legionnaire’s disease (google it) all over again!!

    I woke up Monday feeling crappy, but it didn’t take. Tim Bray is blogging he is also sick.

    Next year Northern Voice gives out free handy wipes, okay??

  11. I was pretty bushed on Sunday, but that was at the end of four fast-paced days, so it was to be expected, but I’m fine now. I got the flu show back in December, so that may have made the difference. (Sounds like it was worth the sore deltoid.)

  12. And here I thought I was the only one.

    Please add me to the list of people that became missing in action on Sat night. I did not leave my bed/residence room from Saturday evening until Monday afternoon. I have never been so grateful to have a futon. I still have a pretty bad cough and my energy level is up and down.

    Otherwise, I had an awesome time.

  13. At this point I feel like a me-too-er, but I have been sick as well. Started to feel feverish Monday, took Tues. off with fever, congestion and cough. Am beginning to feel more like myself today. I wasn’t sure if I caught this bug in the plane to/from Calgary on Friday or at the conference Saturday…in a weird way, it’s nice to know.

  14. You can add myself and Scott to the list. We left before the final session Saturday cause he was feeling off, and Sunday night it got me too. Today is the first day my fever’s stayed below 100, and I’ve been able to keep food down.

    On top of that, I was supposed to move this weekend and train for a new job Monday and Tuesday…I’m so jealous of everyone who only had it a couple days! No…not bitter at all.

  15. I’m just recovering from a nasty flu that I got on Monday. Now my wife has it. Damn you, bloggers! *shakes fist*. 🙂

  16. Me too! Mine started Friday, so I don’t know if I’m beyond the window of blaming NV. Maybe next year we can get a hand/keyboard sanitizer sponsor.

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