Know Any Calgary-Based Corporate or Industry Bloggers?

I just got a note from a colleague:

A writer for a Calgary magazine is seeking information about Calgary bloggers. I know you’re not in Calgary, but you’re far closer to Calgary than I am. Do you have any blog contacts there who might be interested in speaking with her?

She’s looking for corporate or industry blogs, not blog-diary types.

Nobody springs to mind, but then I have a goldfish-sized memory. Any suggestions?


  1. It might be useful to define what this person means by “corporate blogger”. Do they want a blogger who’s paid by a company to write for them, as in their views represent the company’s views?

    I’ll go through my blogroll at and update it with all the new blogs that have been sending me emails. If I find any of these folks, I’ll send you a link.

    Here’s a Calgary-based blog on an industry: knitting. 😛

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