How Have I Not Heard of Nexopia, Canada’s MySpace?

Crap. I’m old. Just today I learned about Nexopia, which is apparently the MySpace/Bebo clone of choice for Canadian young’uns. From Wikipedia:

Nexopia is a social networking website and is designed as a general interactive site for people aged 14 and up (accounts with users that are proven to be under 14 are deleted). Users are able to create and design their own profiles, friends list, blogs, galleries, articles, and forums. Interaction is accomplished through an internal personal messaging system, and public user comments on profiles, blogs or through threads and posts on the forums. is a Canadian website and based in downtown Edmonton.

This is a non-trivial community. They claim to currently have 988,698 users (or, at least, created accounts). That’s a lot of Canadian teenagers.

I see that they encourage profile pages that are just as ugly as MySpace as well. Of course, such services prove that design doesn’t matter quite as much as we’d like it to.


  1. Great bunch of guys too – they put a lot of effort into the site. The funny thing is they’ve been around for a pretty long time…yet lots of people don’t know about it.

  2. After creating and managing one and a sorry-excuse-for-one MySpace accounts, the thought of taking on any other similar thing is exhausting! There are tons of these sites, so I’m happy to see a Canadian-bred one.

  3. Good lord. Thank goodness for being too old to be in the swing of things and the social pressures of being a teenager these days. What’s the point of having a website on MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, WAYN, Nexopia, Facebook when you can find most everyone on just the two big sites?

  4. ya, Nexopia….where pretty young girls add 20 to 30 years to their actual age so when you search for say a 35 to 45 yr old woman they show up in your search.

    You click on on of them 35 yr old cuties that could be18-28 from their looks, to tell them how youthfull they look and the next thing you know you get a message that says…

    “I have PLUS, stop looking at me CREEEPER, I’m only 15 you pervert.

    Management does nothing about posting the wrong age and there is nothing wrong with that but they really should say on the splash page that it tends to be an under 28 crowd that haunts it.

    I wouldn’t have bothered signing up(takes time) if I had known I was going to be constantly harresed buy girls that still sleep with Teddy bears.

  5. Nexopia is a fairly good website, but like all online sites like it ( MySpace, Facebook…) there are the troubles of teenagers exposing their bodies and pedophiles.
    I personally enjoy using the site as a means of talking to exsiting friends, and meeting new people once in a while. I am very wary of meeting people off the internet in person, but through Nexopia I have met many great people in my city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  6. Considering Nexopia was launched in August 2001 and MySpace founded July 2003 (according to wikipedia, which you yourself used and quoted) it seems a little unfair to refer to Nexopia as a MySpace clone…

  7. A: There’s no evidence of what Nexopia looked like in 2001. If you can provide proof that it was, in fact, a MySpace-esque social network, I’ll be glad to modify my description. The earliest evidence of the site’s current incarnation that I can find is here, in May of 2004.

  8. actually, in that pictyure there was already 100 000 users, so it has obviously been around long than that, especially when one considers that the growth the website experiences is exponential

  9. Which picture are you talking about? The one on Wikipedia only indicates that there are a little less than 24,000. The caption under the screenshot indicates that it was taken on December 13, 2006.

  10. hey sup i had a bad day at school i just wont to go home and see my friends that r staying at my house for a while well peace out ya’ll

  11. Nexopia Is sooo Addicting!!!!
    And even though it has perverts in it, u shud use common sense and delete or just not reply to messages from random 30 year olds




    NO BOOBIES!!!!

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  16. I have been on nexopia for a long time. I hate myself for being so addicted.

    ~~ and whoah… this whole article has been turned into a Dating site.

    And there are SO many accounts where people are under 14. I am. Only by a few months though. I know that almost all of the people in my grade at my school have nexopia, and most of them are still 13. But they don’t put that on they’re page, so it can’t be proved.

  17. well im from canada and every person iknow pretty much has nexopia
    unless they dont know how to use it , if you actualy had
    a nexopia you would understand that our pages airnt
    simple to make or easy , its confusing and you dont get preveiws like myspace
    the reason most americans dont know about it , is
    because its canadian , just like serton clothing brands
    and then when one american herea about it , likes it and tell there friends about it then maybe they will
    get one , its notvery good to be so
    judgemental …

  18. Nexopia was originally named enternexus (as stated above), and has exsisted since at least 2003 (that is when I joined the site). Technically the paged are actually quite simple to make, but there is a lot of unwanted publicity to persons to certain ages from other persons of ages much older. None the less, Nex. pretty much kicks myspace ass.

  19. well im a canadian teenager whose 15 almos t16 and seriously close to everyone i know has a Nex account i’m a plus user because im on it so much i have over 4000 hits on my new accoutn my old account only has 3000
    and it is basicly Canadas myspace
    I’m also a myspace user and the only thing nex lags on is music use on it other then that it beets myspace by 30085849478 yes i choose random numbers but my point is valid

  20. Er, stumbled across this page, and thought to add a few thoughts. While Nex does have, much like every other social networking site, its share of internet happy 14 year olds, it’s not simply for them to peddle their angst. It’s been around for quite a bit longer than Myspace has, I believe I first heard of it about 6 or 7 years ago.

    It’s grown a lot, and has many policies far more stricter than myspace. Aside from the basic profile making, which is generic to many sites, I believe it is the forums and articles that keep a lot of people there. And for those who don’t enjoy the kiddies, there are many private forums for the 30+ crowd, and a surprising amount of people in them. The public forums are have mods to watch out for trolls, nudes, and so forth. The global mods and administrators are surprisingly helpful, especially after having their inbox spammed with disgustaporn after some kid gets cranky about being banned from the site.

    For another thing, nex has also thrown shindigs for their users, for forum regs to get to meet each other in safe environments, to meet the people who run the site, and just basically have a good time.

    I’m not one to really use these sites too much, I find the continuous profile making tedious and most of the sites boring to browse. However, I do enjoy the music contests, user written articles, galleries, and forums to be continuously interesting. The photography forum is a source of interesting new artists and beautiful works, the Marketplace an easy way to find things for cheap, and the pet forums an awesome way to talk to local rescue groups and other animal fanatics. With everything from Book nerd forums to ones to talk about sports, music to gaming, there’s generally something for everything. And if not? You can always create a new one.

  21. KSO , i was like , searching for “Nexopia” on google & i just so happened to come across thiis site . so yeah , nexopia`s pretty much an awesome site . you can blog stuff and whatever . i thiink it`s wayyy better than myspace .

  22. Nexopia is a lot better than MySpace.

    Tom (creator of MySpace) automatically adds himself to your account! Boo, do I want him? NO!!

  23. i am addicted to nexopia, and i started min ein grade 5.
    it say syou have to be 14, but you can just
    say you are. i spend so much time on it.
    so do all my friends. it’s like my drug.

  24. You should check out my nex pagee – [-julia.goulia]

    come see. i’m really pretty. 🙂

  25. “I see that they encourage profile pages that are just as ugly as MySpace as well” (11).

    Not true, I think my profile looks great. : )

  26. Actually Nexopia is not a Myspaced clone. It’s been around for a lot longer than Myspace.

  27. FYI when nexopia was first launched it was called “enternexus” that is why you are having a hard time finding info about nexopia being launched in 2001, 2004 is when they changed the name to nexopia.

  28. I have been a part of Nex for about, 3 or 4 years now. And as mentioned, before Nexopia, the site was called EnterNexus. Maybe why nothing shows for Nex before 2004? I dunno, i wasnt around in the Enternexus days.

    One of the reasons why Nex>Myspace(i have myspace, but i dont really use it) is because of the forums, and the sense of community they bring.

    I am a part of the Official Rant Forum on Nex, and I have met about 50 people from said forum. We are all great friends, and travel between BC, Alberta, And Sask annually, and a few of us every 3 or 4 months. Parties, new people to meet, new places to go. Its good fun. And maybe a little unsafe, but generally, everyone knows everyone. Didnt start that way, but because of a few crazy people (Myself, Choo, Josh) we are all good friends now.

    And even as a canadian, I say Nex is the canadian myspace. Fact is, Myspace numbers outweigh Nex numbers by LOTS. So, naturally, they are bigger and win.

    But i cant stand myspace, and its layout. Nex just seems easier to use.

  29. As another member of Nexopia, and the ORF (as Danner mentioned in the above comment) I can whole-heartedly agree that Nexopia is a much better site than Myspace. I made a Myspace account a few years back, and can honestly say I’ve only logged on a handful of times. That’s not to say that I don’t have friends on the site… but it just wasn’t as useful to me as Nexopia. I’ve been on Nexopia since Enternexus, and I joined in 2003. The forums on Nexopia are a HUGE perk as you can debate, learn, and just goof around with people from all over in a relatively safe environment. As a member of the Official Rant Forum I’ve met just over 50 members just from that small sub-culture in Nexopia. They’ve all been fantastic people, and real life friendships have bloomed because of it.

    Nexopia, because of it’s “small” size (when compared to the bigger names) is more user-friendly, and has friendlier users. But that’s just one girls opinion.

  30. I am a user of nexopia
    and it is a great way to keep in touch with friends from around the world
    i have friends that live in italy and we talk almost constantly using nex. the blogs ar a great way to speak you mind, and start patitions and messages are alost like talking to your friends over the phone! i love this website
    but the only problem is, people create accounts, then dont use it and create another account, it gets confusing, and some people make accounts to ‘creep’ your pages. but on the whole, nex is an amzazing place to keep i touch with old friends

  31. nexopia is great. fyi, the majority of its users are from british columbia and alberta while a handful are from other provinces.

  32. sure myspace lets u talk to CELEBS truth is NEX is wayy better because if u look at it now a days Nex is beating myspace with alot more hits CHECK OUT MY NEX gangster26

  33. And Nexopia will continue to make whores out of young teenage girls!
    I should know, I have an account.

  34. I know this is a little old, and I don’t even know if anyone will get this, or read this, but oh well. Nexopia originally started as “nexus” and they had to change it for some copyright reason. I have had it since it was “nexus” and it DID start before myspace. It is based in Edmonton, which I am from, so generally it all started with everyone already knowing eachother. However, it is now for the “new” generation and has basically been taken over by the 10-16yr olds, even thought you have to be 14 to sign up. It is now just another sight where little girls can where practically nothing and take pictures of their barely mature bodies and little boys to run around and act like “gangsters”. It has become yet another websited dedicated to pedophiles. None the less I stioll use it because unlike myspace and facebook, it allows you to make a truly unique page for yourself, which is the basis of its appeal. Plus, its a good way to keep tabs on my little brother, haha. It is gradually changing though, something about since it is growing they need to make the changes yada yada. Basically, what was once a little community that united a city, is now going corporate. Lame.

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  38. Good researched and written stuff mate. Sorry if my comment looks spammy but I have to gain some backlinks haha. I hate Google relying on backlinks and I hate spamming your nice blog but in fact it’s the only way to improve my stupid rankings 😦

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