Buy Farm, Get Bonus 180 Classic Cars

The details are sparse, and possibly apocryphal, but here are the basics from Metafilter, via the Cellar Image of the Day:

Imagine you live in Portugal and you’re moving into a lovely farm house on a large swath of land. The place has been empty for 15 years! While exploring your new property you find a large barn in the trees. The door is padlocked shut and its all rusted solid. so you grind the padlock open…

The story of this phenomenal barn find has been flying around auto enthusiast message boards for a few weeks, but nothing has been confirmed, so it could be a hoax. It sure seems too good to be true, but regardless, it is an amazing series of photos rare European cars found in one place. As a (non-car) collector, I’d like to believe that this kind of find can still happen.

Here are the photos–and they look pretty amazing. One reason to think it’s legit: how many car enthusiasts would cover their precious babies in dust just to take these shots?

FYI, posting will be light this week with all of the Northern Voice madness on top of the usual insanity.


  1. WOW That would be a dream barn for me I restored vintage cars for a living and as a hobby in canada thanks for the great pics wished you were closer to visit .Good luck a huge car fan Drew

  2. Its a HOAX, the cars and the wharehouse are still owned by the portuguese government.

    That piece of information as still going around here, and these where cars that have been taken by the government (tax money not payed).

    It’s still a damn shame, these precious cars deserve a better treatment then dust in a wharehouse.

    Its a pity 😦


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