Why Do You Blog? Take or Link to My Survey and Win Stuff

From the butt-ugly survey site I just created:

Why do you blog? Why do I blog? Why does anybody? As the medium enters its pubescence, it’s a question that I wonder about all the time. I’ve talked about it with a lot of different bloggers, and everyone offers a different reason.

In February, I’m giving a talk called “Why We Blog” at Northern Voice here in Vancouver. In preparation, I’m launching this ad hoc survey to gather more opinions and voices from the blogosphere.

The survey is 16 questions, and hopefully won’t take you more than 10 minutes. I really appreciate the time you might take to complete it. As a token of that appreciation, I’m giving away a few prizes:

  • One randomly-selected person who completes the survey will win an iPod Shuffle.
  • Another randomly-selected survey completer will win two Lonely Planet books–Micronations and Experimental Travel
  • I obviously want to promote the survey, so I’m also giving away one CAN $50 gift certificate to a randomly-selected person who blogs about it. Just link to http://www.whydoyoublog.com and you’re qualified to win.

If you’re a blogger, or were a blogger, please consider taking or linking to this survey (link fixed). It’s past my bedtime, but tomorrow I’ll whip up a couple little web badges or banner things for it.


  1. Umm, the last link “please consider taking or linking to this survey.” links me to Amazon. There’s no survey there!

  2. When asked my opinion I’ll generally give it, however I’ll admit my weakness to giving it more readily when their is some sort of incentive.

  3. Strangely, one of my classmates in my social sciences course on blogging posted to our class blog tonight about the conference. She didn’t mention names but posted the link, and I was pleasantly surprised to see your name there! I thought it was pretty cool since I know who you are. I hope I can make it, not just since it’s pertinent for the course, but for my “addiction” in general.

  4. This one is an inspiration personally to uncover out much more associated to this subject. I have to confess your data extended my sentiments in addition to I’m going to proper now take your feed to stay up to date on every coming weblog posts you might presumably create. You might be worthy of thanks for a job perfectly achieved! #niotrans

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