The Top Songs in Vancouver on May 5, 1985

Regular readers will recall that earlier this month I cleaned out our storage locker, and scanned in and wrote about sundry treasures that I discovered. This is definitely the last of them.

For reasons I don’t quite understand, an 11-year-old Darren cut out and saved a bunch of Top 30 song lists from the newspaper (presumably from the Vancouver Sun).

Here’s what was big in pop music 21.5 years ago in Vancouver (click to view a larger version):

Looking at the top 10 songs, I can hum the tunes to eight of them. Alison Moyet’s “Invisible” and Strange Advance’s “We Run” elude me, and I’m okay with that.


  1. Wow. I’m impressed that you kept that clipping.

    I was 19 in 1985 and I remember all those songs and albums. Bit of trivia about that Tears for Fears album, their big hit “Shout” was based on the psychology technique “Primal Scream Therapy.”………..

  2. the two songs you don’t know are the two that have the most credibility today, just sayin’.

  3. I’d bet no one there would have predicted which songs would become enduring classics that a DJ or band could play today: the ones that seem most viable to me as a cover-band guy are “Don’t You Forget About Me” and “Walking on Sunshine.”

    Overall, the chart is not as horrible in retrospect as I might have predicted.

    Back in 2003, “Salon” published a fun piece about the best and worst weeks in rock history. They were the third week of December in 1969 and the first week of September 1989. And it’s hard to argue.

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