Weather 2, Vancouver 0

As local readers know, the dome of the world’s largest air-supported domed (I accidentally typed ‘doomed’, which also applies) stadium deflated today. One of Vancouver’s most recognizable landmarks is now, well, darned flacid flaccid.

I was in the neighbourhood, so I snapped this photo:

BC Place Without a Roof

Because the dome is usually white, it actually doesn’t look all that different. Other folks have better photos:

Derek has a before-and-after photo, as does Dave O. It’s interesting that Wikipedia has more compelling photos than the CBC. Now Pubilc has a couple of neat shots as well.

UPDATE: Andrea found some video on this newfangled site all them kids are using:

UPDATE #2: This guy captured a bunch of videos of the roof tearing, nearly from the start of the tear through to the deflation.


  1. When I heard the story earlier today, I was pretty shocked. After all, we’ve had much worse weather than what we experienced last night.

  2. I’m guessing that all the pummeling we’ve taken over the past couple of months, combined with the age of the roof (24 years) finally took its toll.

    On another note, last night’s howling wind took down some more branches and a few signs in my neighbourhood. Thanks a whole lot, Al Gore. 🙂

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