NV 2007: Speaker Submissions, Registration Open and Web Badgtastic

Frankly, all of us Northern Voice organizers have gotten behind the eight-ball a bit on this year’s conference. We all keep getting busier–we’re approaching some kind of busyness event horizon where we’ll just cease to exist.

Regardless, our ducks are back in a row. Here’s some conference news:

  • We extended the speaker submission deadline to this Friday, December 1. The speaker submissions are coming in fast and furious now. Submit! You must submit.
  • Registration is officially open! Two days of conference fun for CAN $50! How fun is it? Look what Will Pate (that old pirate) wrote: “Calling it a conference doesn’t do it justice, it’s more like a learning party.”
  • Every year we make some nifty little badges that you can use to help share the joy that is Northern Voice. Unfortunately, the task fell to me this year, so I’m not sure how nifty they are. I heartily encourage any graphically-gifted keeners to make better moose-themed webby goodness (Rob, we’re talking to you). Here’s a big original, by the way, of the moose with iPod.

UPDATE: I’m running a quick survey to determine what colour t-shirts should be this year.

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