Lee and Sachi Meet Malcolm Gladwell

Life is awesomely random. Global travellers Lee and Sachi have made their way around the non-flat world and are now in Barcelona. They’re sitting in a cafe one day when who should walk in?

After we finished lunch I walked over to him, a bit nervously and feeling a little intrusive and said “Are you Malcolm?” He smiled and said “yes!” and I introduced myself and Sachi. We talked a bit about why he was in Barcelona (a speaking engagement at a conference) and our trip. He was surprised that Sachi and I are still on good terms after nearly a year.

Judging from that photo, Mr. Gladwell’s not a tall man, eh? I mean, Lee’s big, but he’s got a full forehead on Malcolm. Maybe Lee was standing on a wine barrel or something.


  1. Actually it was the Gene Simmons/Kiss style boots that I was wearing at the time. They are the silver and black ones with giant teeth on the front.

  2. Hate to tell ya, but most celebrities are short. It really has crushed my wife’s fantasies to learn that Matthew McConaughey is only 5’10”.

  3. Scott: I’m no statistician, but I’d guess that celebrities reflect the same height distribution as any other group of humans. In fact, they probably skew a bit high because of tall sports stars and supermodels.

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