What’s With the Orange Ad?

No, it’s not an ad for Orange. It’s an ad for the CNW Group, a Canadian newswire service. They’re running a campaign on about a dozen Canadian media and PR blogs to promote this little web game (and, thusly, their products and services). I’ve requested an ad with a transparent background–not all blogs are white, after all.

Anyhow, they’re paying me some money to keep that ad there for two months. I must get around to creating some Northern Voice 2007 ads so I can put one up there as well. If anybody wants to make one, go nuts. We’d be most appreciative.

As for the web game, there are worse ways to spend 97 seconds of your life. They could have gone a little easier on the corporate tie-in, and the Flash designer should suppress the mouse arrow inside the game space, but it ain’t bad. I scored an even 1000 points after a couple of attempts.

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