Some Curious Game Slang

Overheard while playing Battlefield 2 last night:

You jerk, did you just teabag me?

Teabagging, of course, is a sexual practice and a term coined, I believe, by John Waters.

It took me a while to understand what this meant in-game, but I figured it out. See, when you’re shot and ‘killed’ in Battlefield 2, you lie around, crippled and staring at the sky for 15 seconds waiting for a medic. If you don’t get resuscitated, you respawn.

If an opposing player–particularly the one that shot you–wants to taunt you, he can come by and repeatedly crouch over you, in your field of view. Hence, the in-game teabagging.

YouTube, of course, has a record of all human activity. Safe, if a little rude, for work:


  1. I’ve gotten slaughtered a few times while busy teabagging a foe’s dead body in Halo. With a little practice, one can also simulate anal sex by gently sliding slightly back and forth while crouching on top of a face-down body. Hooray for videogames – where people who can’t get vanilla sex in real life, simulate deviant acts with strangers!

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