Don’t Drink the Water

Meg links to this media (and, you know, regular citizen) advisory (PDF) about the current state of drinking water. Heavy rains have turned the water in my toilet a, uh, brownish hue.

Discolouration of drinking water is a very good indicator of high levels of turbidity. If using boiled water use a kettle and ensure that you allow it to cool before decanting to another container or moving it to the refrigerator.


I wanted to quote some apropos song lyrics at the end of this post, but three songs came to me simultaneously: Don’t Drink the Water, Poison in the Well and Black-Eyed Man.

UPDATE: I had a meeting in a Yaletown Starbucks this morning. They weren’t serving any hot drinks, much to the dismay of the local yuppies. The poor bastards behind the counter had to repeat the same explanation over and over again, and engage in long conversations about boiling points and microbes with armchair virologists. Across the street at Cito Espresso (which reportedly has far superior coffee), they were brewing up a storm. Perhaps they fear reckless litigation less than Starbucks?

Like vanmega, I’m finding the mad hoarding of bottled water a bit amusing. I’m just boiling some water and, for good (and likely unnecessary) measure, pouring it through our Brita. I’m no mountain man, but I spent my childhood drinking out of North Shore creeks, and lived to tell the tale. Methinks this is much a pluie about nothing.


  1. Hell’s Kitchen on 4th proudly tried to serve tap water to a friend and I yesterday. When I told her about the advisory she smartly asked ‘so you don’t want the water?’ then proceeded to serve it to other tables around us.

  2. NICE, Todd. That’s great service right there.

    We’re surviving on coffee & tea made with bottled water, brem. It’s fine as long as you can actually get your hands on some bottled water! I don’t know about you all but I don’t care how long the brown water has been boiled, I am not drinking it.

  3. Actually, I did hear this morning from someone who’s friend (yesterday) didn’t know about the drinking water ban and was drinking tap water all day…needless to say they’re quite sick now.

    Yeah, I’m boiling up a storm too and refrigerating it. I also took some measures to cut back on water use where I can just to make it more convenient/easy, such as buying lots of oranges & bananas for my fruit as they come in their own wrappers and don’t require washing because of it. 😉

  4. It’s just stupid that people would rather waste their time and gas and money buying bottled water (which might come in toxic plastic anyway), instead of boiling for one minute at home. During the power outage we had to warm our water in a makeshift “campfire” over tea lights and a cooling rack. I’m glad it wasn’t turbid then. We pour the boiled water into our Brita then refrigerate it. Last night on the way home it was wonderful to have warm water in my water bottle, so I could have tea.

    I grew up on the North Shore swimming in the ocean, though not drinking from creeks, I think. I just played in them.

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