Some Ugly-Ass Hockey Logos

As hockey fans may know, the Buffalo Sabres unveiled a new logo and jersey which has met with rather mixed reviews. The logo has already been named the ‘Buffaslug’, possibly because of its resemblance to a banana slug.

In response to Buffalo’s design gaffe, my newest sports blog discovery James Mirtle has assembled a big list of mostly non-NHL logos which are incredibly fugly. I think my favourite must be the spur-enabled hockey skate (blade-enabled cowboy boot?) from the Denver Spurs.


  1. Wow. That is bad. Not only does it look like a slug but it looks sissy. Maybe “sissy” is too strong a word, but it certainly doesn’t look imposing. I think it’s the color…makes it seem weak…

  2. Darren – you’re in luck. Even though the Denver Spurs died during the 1970s, their logo appears to be making a resurgence with the Osoyoos Spurs of the newly revamped WHA. – click on link for Osoyoos to induce gag reflex.

  3. The logos are not the important thing …this new league has more kids playing a great sport and most importantly having fun. I watched a game Fri. nite and it was very entertaining. If you go to a game the last thing you will be looking at is the logos!!!

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