Two Copies of an Article in the Same Newspaper

I made a peculiar discovery in today’s Vancouver Sun. The Sun’s editorial staff liked the story of historical status for a former Beatles’ venue that they printed it twice. One in the front section, and once in the Arts and Life section, each with different headlines:

Two headlines, same article, same paper


  1. I’m no expert in Newspaper publishing but understand it’s normal for fairly static content like the arts sections to be printed long before the last minute news sections. Perhaps they pulled a news story and filled the gap with something grabbed at the last minute – forgetting or not realising it was already used in arts.

  2. the people in charge of the different sections of the paper live in constant fear that their really great story will be so great that it’ll get stolen for the front page, leaving them with a big empty hole in their part of the paper.

    it’s most likely that one editor took the story for his/her front page and the editor of the arts section was not told in time. or, it was done at the last minute and the layout people had already finished the arts section and did not notice the mistake.

    editors write headlines, so we can guess that we’re dealing with two editors, not one person making a silly mistake.

    the reporter will be happy to know that their work is good enough for the front page. hopefully, the reporter was given something that no one realized was an important story (outside of the arts world) but he/she did some excellent digging and/or writing.

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