An Update on Browser Usage

Caution, a boring and lengthy analysis of web stats follows. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

I’m too old to think this, but I’m hoping and dreaming that the release of Internet Explorer 7 will reduce the thousands of hours designers waste in making websites compliant with all browsers. I’d like to think, from a designer’s perspective, that the browser wars will soon reach some kind of ceasefire. That, I’m sure, is a fool’s gambit.

I was thinking about browser usage today, got curious and checked the stats for a few sites I work with. Here they are, for the last two months:

First, this site, (the blue is IE, the orange is Firefox, click for larger view):

Browser Stats for

Next, stats for my day job at

Browser Stats for

Next, stats for a client site, a B2B sofware company:

Browser Stats for Client Site

Finally, and this is the interesting one, stats for, my little novelty one-page satire. Importantly, on this chart the colours are reversed–Firefox is in blue, Safari is in orange and IE is in green.

Browser Stats for is the only site with a majority–52%–of visitors using Firefox. 25% are using Safari, and only 17% used Internet Explorer. Obviously would appeal to the Apple community, but I was surprised to see IE with such a low market share.

If you break that last site down by browser and platform, you get a clearer picture:

Firefox – Windows XP 20.7%
Safari 417.9.3 – Macintosh PPC 17.1%
Internet Explorer 6.0 – Windows XP 13.9%
Firefox – Windows XP 11.4%
Firefox – Macintosh PPC 4.9%
Firefox – Macintosh PPC 4.5%
Safari 417.9.2 – Macintosh PPC 3.2%
Firefox 1.0.7 – Windows XP 2.4%

I don’t know what all this means, really. Apparently the average site has 8 to 10% users on Firefox, and 1 or 2% on Safari. All of these sites (all related to software and/or appealing, somewhat, to geeks) show higher results.


  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think IE 7 will fix too incredibly much. If IE was completely standards compliant, it would break a whole lot of sites out there that depend on IE 6’s quirks, so we’re probably stuck with the horrors of web design for a while.
    This made me nod in recognition.

  2. I just checked a couple of client sites, and IE7 has passed FF already in percentages. I’ve not seen any site with FF anywhere near 25%.

    FF is good software, though very slow on my iBook. I believe IE will continue its stranglehold as long as most of us rely on the Windows environment.

    Btw, Darren, your site is broken in FF for the Mac. Haven’t doublechecked on Windows. Looks fine in Safari. Can you check this?

  3. Michael: I’m using Firefox on the Mac right now, and it looks okay. I was messing around with the site earlier today–maybe you just caught it at a bad moment?

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