Some Random Synchronicity with The Red Paperclip Guy

As you’ve probably heard by now, in one year, Kyle MacDonald successfully traded his way from a red paper clip to a house. It only took 14 trades. It’s a great, wacky story and there’s been a ton of media attention.

As it turns out, I discovered that I’ve got two obscure connections to Kyle:

  • My wife Julie was Kyle’s day camp counselor in Belcarra in the summers of 1993 and 1994. She recalls taking him to emergency with a hematoma on his forehead after he tried jumping from picnic table to picnic table and missed. She also has fond memories of Kyle and, uh, Gross Day.
  • The house he acquired is in tiny Kipling, Saskatchewan (population 1140), where my father-in-law’s family is from.

So, Kyle, if you bump into any Szabos in Kipling, they’re related to Julie.


  1. Weird connections.

    I looked up property values in the Kipling area. Houses are listed for as little as $8k. Still, paperclips are pretty cheap.

  2. I should check to see where the heck Kipling is.

    I’ve called Saskatoon home my entire life (Choosing to stay, even when my parents moved to Vancouver), and I don’t think I’ve even driven past the place.

  3. Turns out Darren has a Bacon number of just 3:

    Kevin Bacon starred in Where the Truth Lies with Maury Chaykin. Maury Chaykin was in Intern Academy with Carly Pope whom Darren spotted at 7-11 a few months ago.

  4. I think, if my ludicrous understanding of how the world works is serving me correctly, that entitles you to some sort of share in his publicity.

    And maybe some money.

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