Help Fight Cancer of the Private Parts

Gill is participating in in The Underwear Affair, the BC Cancer Foundation’s 10K run/5K walk “for cancers below the waist” on July 8:

Now, this is the first time I have raised money for a cause since maybe Girl Guides, so I put my personal goal at a modest $300 (the minimum required to be in the event). However, as incentive to those of you who read my blog to throw me your pocket change, I offer this:

  1. I will run in panties and bra at the event (pray for sunshine, everyone), and
  2. I will post tasteful photos of myself in my running outfit to this blog.

(Although I suppose if you really don’t want to see me in my underwear, you can donate lots more money than everyone else. The race is on!)

If you want to pony up, her donation page is here.


  1. Do you use margarine rather than butter? Do you drink skim milk instead of whole? If the answer to either is yes, you may be increasing your risk for cancer, especially cancer of the breast or prostate.

    Dairy fats are strongly protective against these cancers while refined oils raise the risk dramatically.

    All the money in the world will not save us from cancer. The only “cure” is prevention. We simply need to STOP CAUSING IT.

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