Goldman Sachs Handicaps the World Cup

I’m not in the habit of taking betting advice from an accounting firm, but here’s who Goldman Sachs thinks will win the World Cup:

1. Brazil: 12.4%
2. England: 8.6%
3. Spain: 8.3%
4. France: 8.3%
5. Holland: 8.0%

The Germans, with home field advantage, are down at #8. And, of course, England is missing one of its key weapons (hilarious article about Mr. Rooney and Margaret Thatcher here). I’m not sure I agree with those odds.


  1. England and Spain ahead of Italy, Argentina and even Germany?

    Stick to the finances Goldman

  2. I’d call Spain a dark horse, and put Brazil and Argentina joint faves. No Czechs or Italians there either? Has this bloke been made aware of how old most of France’s team are these days? Or (on the other end of the scale) Holland’s? Or even how inept England’s coaching is?


  3. No surprise to see Brazil at #1…but England and Spain in the top 3, lol, although I’m a little biased as I’m from Germany, here’s my 0.02€ – My top 5 contenders:

    Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Italy

    Top “outsiders” possibly doing good:
    Ivory Coast!

    Top “teams who are going to suck once again” (aka not winning, semis at most):

    England, Spain, Portugal, France

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