Rocking Out With the iZilla

The boom box is an ear worm in our culture–it comes and goes, but never truly disappears. Witness its latest incarnation–the kind of hilarious iZilla:

If you’ve been looking to step-up to a hungry man sized portable media player with incredible tech powers… this is it. First start with a whopping two terabytes of storage delivered by four 500 gig internal hard drives. Up the ante with a sweet 7″ TFT-LCD touch screen… then crush your opponents with high-speed ripping capability for CD, DVD, and vinyl. A handy iPod dock allows you to transfer songs to and from the iZilla.

And it weighs in at a mere 30 pounds. It’s got to be a little tricky to do your Saturday Night Live strut while hauling 30 pounds of electronics (maybe you need two, like Travolta and his paint cans).

UPDATE: You know, I suspected this was a hoax, but the Buy Now button fooled me. What can I say, I’m a simpleton. I also didn’t actually click the Buy Now button to see where it went.

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