Celebrity Spotted: Carly Pope

I suspect this is about as low on the celebrity totem pole as I’d report, but I saw Carly Pope in the 7-11 at Granville and Drake. You may recall her from a decent but short-lived TV show called “Popular”. She’s done a fair bit of nondescript film work, and appeared this season on “The Collector”. She grew up in Vancouver, so she barely counts on the Spotted Celebrity Meter.


  1. Yes, I heard she is a vancouverite. I live in Kits and I see from time to time actors who live in the area , some more well known than others (Jerry Wasserman, Ryan Reynolds etc…). Vancouver is funny that way. 🙂

  2. Hey I was wondering if you knew how to contact her. I am trying to find some information out about my family, and I think she might know. So if you know can you please tell me.

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