Two Videos You’ve Probably Seen

A couple of people emailed me about the real-life Simpsons intro. I hadn’t planned to mention it, as I figured it was ubiquitous by now. Just in case, here it is. Check it out–it’ll blow your mind.

Additionally, here’s something of a follow-up to the masterpiece that was Lazy Sunday. It’s a peculiar interview with Natalie Portman.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the media geniuses at NBC haven’t clued into the value of viral marketing. The Natalie Portman link is kaput.

UPDATE #2: The NBC folks aren’t completely clueless, as they appear to be offering the video for free on their own site. I’m a little shocked by the lack of ads or promotional material on that page. Here’s a direct link to the WMV file.


  1. very funny.

    But why is Marge driving from the right side of the vehicle…and Homer driving from the left?

  2. The Simpsons video was filmed in England for an English ad, which is why they’re driving on the “wrong side”.

  3. That “Portman interview” reeks of trying to repeat the popularity of Lazy Sunday. It definitely doesn’t have the same impact, and basically left me yawning. So much for thinking SNL was on a comeback.

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