Is the Hall in The IT Crowd?

I’m a big fan of Father Ted, a hilarious BBC Channel 4 series about three Irish priests living together on a remote island. Yesterday I read on Boing Boing that the creator of Father Ted was back with another series called The IT Crowd. Cory Doctorow speaks highly of the show:

Two IT geeks in the basement of a large, abusive corporation get a new boss, a woman who lied about her IT experience on her resume. What follows isn’t funny because of its intricate plotting, but because of its willingness to lard absurdity on absurdity, so that each episode gets progressively weirder as it progresses.

I decided to check out the first episode (via BitTorrent from The Pirate Bay), and it was pretty funny and Father Tedesque.

I also noticed something that’s kind of cool. It seems to me that the set designers for The IT Crowd visited my Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness for inspiration. I obviously can’t be sure, but I’ve spotted at least five images from the Hall in the background of shots. I uploaded three screenshots to Flickr and will post them below:

IT Crowd

IT Crowd

IT Crowd

You can also see the infamous Flying Spaghetti Monster in that last shot.


  1. Check the second episode. The first was funny, the second I thought was seminal. Each week channel 4 are apparently streaming the episodes before they go out. Episode 3.

    Roy’s RTFM t-shirt was fantastic. I want to know where they sourced that from…

    Father Ted was never on BBC. It was always broadcast on channel 4 Mr. Barefoot, Sir.

  2. RTÉ (Republic of Ireland’s national broadcaster) had an option on Father Ted and turned it down! That’s when Channel 4 stepped in. We’re all glad they did as it is one of the best comedies in history.

    I haven’t seen the t-shirt but it could be this one by ThinkGeek. If you don’t want the shirt you can get the mug.

    (BTW Darren, the tab order is messed up on the page again, tabbing off this textarea brings me to the ‘Home’ href)

  3. “We’re sorry, but users outside the UK cannot access The IT Crowd.” 😦

    Viva La Bittorrent.

  4. I spotted the FSM when I watched the show on Hulu. Sweet! The FSM is everywhere!

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