Gran Turismo vs. The Real World

Say it with me: the BBC makes the makes best television on Earth. I couldn’t care less about cars, but this bit from the BBC’s Top Gear is pretty entertaining. It comes from Kotaku, the gaming blog:

the BBC had an amazing show up where Jeremy Clarkson, host of Top Gear, first played a track on Gran Turismo and then takes the real car to the real track to try and match his virtual time in the real world. The GT lap time was one minute 41 seconds.

Watching him tear through the real track is hilarious, there are several moments were it looks like the guy’s going to start projectile vomiting.

And here’s the actual video (fancy, eh?):

UPDATE: John’s got another entertaining bit from Clarkson. You can watch his face deform as he drives an incredibly speedy concept car.


  1. “the BBC makes the makes television on Earth.” “the BBC makes the makes television on Earth.”

  2. Yes! I too have absolutely zero interest in cars, but I’ll happily sit through as many Top Gear episodes as I can get my hands on.

  3. The great thing is, The Ariel Atom (the Clarkson face-rearranger) isn’t a concept car, it’s actually road legal and for sale for about £20,000! (which i think is around $47,000 Aus)

    As for Top Gear, there’s one reason to be thankful for living in the UK 🙂

  4. Uh, I have about, oh, 30? Top Gear Episodes on the old laptop here. Shall I wander upstairs at some point and make it so you don’t get any work done for the rest of the week?

    The part where they play soccer with the Toyota Aygo is particularly funny. As is when they try to play conkers with motorhomes, oh, and the historic people carriers racing (minivan) is so funny I can’t actually watch the screen.

    The sub $1500 Porche challenge is priceless…

    I could go on…

  5. Clarkson & co are always a great watch!

    I love when they race down to some far-away location to compare a given car and a public transportation system (flight, train, and recently, boat)

    I posted a few of my fave ones too but you’ll find most of them on Google Video searching for Top Gear, really!

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