Skating With Celebrities: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Via the Vancouverite, I learned about the truth that’s stranger than fiction: Skating with Celebrities. Presumably this is the natural evolution of Dancing with the Stars. Speaking as a casual fan of figure skating, this strikes me as deeply wrong:

Professional skaters will include Nancy Kerrigan, Kurt Browning, Tai Babilonia, Jenni Menno, Lloyd Eisler, and John Zimmerman, teaming up with the celebrities Dave Coulier, Todd Bridges, Deborah Gibson, Bruce Jenner, Kristy Swanson and Good Day LA Weathercaster Jillian Barberi.

They’ve done well to get Kurt Browning, as he’s got a big personality and is a natural in-front of the camera, on or off the ice. The celebrities, on the other hand, are truly Z-list. How low do you have to stoop to cast Todd Bridges in anything besides the ?


  1. While I think the show itself will be a complete abomination, I’d actually consider paying money to watch Julie watch it, if she’s as entertaining as you claim while watching skating.

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