I never really understood the meaning of the phrase ‘exposed skin’ until today.

This morning, about 15 faculty members and attendees of Blogs ‘n’ Dogs–the 15 most foolish, there’s no question–set off to fulfil the second half of the conference name. We went dogsledding.

I’d really been looking forward to this, as I’d never been before. We arrived via van to this recreation area outside of Canmore. Coincidentally, a nearby lake was featured in the final sequence of X-Men 2, and we passed a set for the forthcoming The Assassination of Jesse James, starring Brad Pitt.

As the dogs were getting harnessed to the sleds, the noise in the staging area grew to a cacophony of barks and howls. The dogs–Siberian husky and greyhound crossbreeds–were literally born to run, and apparently couldn’t wait to get out on the trail. Once they started moving, though, there was complete silence–not a single woof. This stands in sharp contrast to every movie and television show I’ve seen featuring dogsledding.

On the way out to the halfway point, I rode on the back of the sled. As I wasn’t driving, there wasn’t much to this. On the hills, you have to jump off, run alongside and push a little, but that’s about it. On the way back, I rode in chilly comfort in the sled. Thanks to Howling Dog Tours for a professional tour and a good time.

I haven’t been that cold in years. I’m a coward when it comes to temperature extremes, and -20 degrees Celsius was plenty cold for me. I probably came under-equipped clothing-wise, but I’m hardly a

The Flickr feed for the tag blogsndogs currently shows a ton of photos from our trip. Here are my 17 photos. While I’m at it, here’s the Technorati tag and the delicious tag as well.

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