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Via Digg (which, increasingly, fails to only be the “technology news website” it purports to be), I discovered The Writings on the Stall, a blog of lavatory graffiti:

One day I, Jonathan Horak (Janitor in Chief), was musing at the writings on the stalls when one in particular immediately drew my attention. I started thinking not of what it read but more of what stalls can reflect in general society: a whole lot.

They serve as (informal) forums for politics, pop culture, humor, and so forth. What better, then, than to bring the best of these writings out to the world over this thing we call the Internet? Thoughts and ideas that once were localized can now be made globally available. Huzzah!

I submitted my favourite from back in my university days. After a lengthy conversation of scrawled vulgarity, someone had written simply “I love my parents”. The level of irony was unclear.

Written by dbarefoot

Darren Barefoot is an author, speaker and digital strategist. He’s the co-founder of Capulet Communications, and co-author of “Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook”.


  1. When I was living in res at UVic we had paper and pens taped to the bathroom stall walls so that we could write whatever we wanted and stay within university rules. It got interesting when guys from the middle floor, or people from the quads stealing our toilet paper, would write their own “I was here” sort of statement, or comment on whatever the current thread was.

    Mind you, the fact that this graffiti was allowed, and not damaging any property, probably had an effect on what we wrote. I mean, normally you don’t sign your name at the end of your statements if the ink is permanent.

  2. Graffiti from the “john” is in high fashion. Besides wisdom, humour and deep insights into shallow life, it’s entertainment while you strain and pain.

    For those interested in furthering their “basic” education, I might suggest checking out Latrinalia (http://www.itsallinthehead.com/home.html).

    Example: Governments can create new laws, but churches cant’ create new sins!

    best of luck,

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