Help Me Cyber-Squat

Doesn’t that sound old-fashioned? In truth, I don’t really want to cyber-squat, I just want to have a website that’s fairly static and may not see much action for a few years.

Some time in the future, the powers that be are likely to turn Steven King’s seven-part masterpiece, The Dark Tower into a movie or HBO-type mini-series. As I’m a fan of the books, I thought it might be fun (and eventually profitable, in terms of ad revenue) to start a site dedicated to the potential movies. Today, in terms of search results, there’s Stephen King’s own site and the good-looking

What URL do you think I should use? As I said, the book series is called “The Dark Tower”. The first book is called “The Gunslinger”, a term used prominently throughout the books. Obviously you’d want to include something about a movie in there. The obvious URL is something like, which is available (in fact, I already registered it, for safe keeping). Do any SEO experts have any suggestions? Any fans of the books have a snappier alternative?

And for your father’s sake, don’t put any damn spoilers in the comments. I’m halfway through the last book.

UPDATE: I was talking about this to Monique, who knows a thing or two about publishers, movies adapting books and fan sites. She suggested that I not use a trademarkable word, as I’ll get my ass ceased and desisted when and if the time comes when they’re producing the movies. This makes sense. As I understand it, is the number one Star Wars fan site. Likewise, is the most popular Harry Potter site.

So, I need a clever, like-minded URL, probably related to or recognizable from the first book of the series, The Gunslinger.


  1. Hurry up and finish, it’s got a great ending 🙂 Glad he finally finished, I’ve been reading the series since high school (that’s 15-ish years ago)!

  2. slightly off topic. Have you read Stephen Kings, book, On Writing A memoir Of the craft? It is a typically, American rag to riches tale as well as offering some good writing advice.

  3. Melanie: I have, and really enjoyed it (though, I felt its structure was a little dubious). Certain sections have real resonance with The Dark Tower books.

    I’ve always enjoyed King’s introductions and postscripts–he’s got such a readable prose style.

  4. I’d go with darktowerthemovie.whatever – i’ve seen the formula applied elsewhere, several times in movie urls, and am currently damned if i can recall one. It’s late though; forgive my sloppy capitalization.

  5. In all honesty, is it worth it? Even if you snarfed every possible combo/wordplay/hyphenation between King, gunslinger and Dark Tower (“” strikes me as most logical, btw, but I digress slightly), the studio could just subdom it, as has been used *very* often recently., and the like, for example.
    I’m surprised that studios are still focusing so heavily on the domain itself matching. The cross-branding in subdomains makes far more sense, and if your domain is easy enough to spell/remember, the length of the URL isn’t that much of a hindrance.

  6. I would use redrose or something similar, for those who read the books know what I am talking about. Maybe even, Lone rose. You have an Imagination.

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