Dig Through the Planet With Google Maps

That Canadian Girl points to this nifty Google Maps hack. It shows where you’d come out if you dig straight through the Earth. Contrary to what my mother told me, digging a hole in my backyard wouldn’t get me to China. Instead, I’d have the Indian Ocean pouring into West Vancouver. If you want to end up in China, you need to live in Argentina.


  1. very strange, going from my hometown of shortsville, ny i end up in the south pacific ocean not far from chile and argentina.

  2. Diary of a guy falling down infinite hole:

    Day 14: Have stopped screaming.

    … I can’t remember where I stole that from, but it’s funny.

  3. Interesting… I was wondering last night whether Vancouver children were told the same as Eastern Canada children – that they’d end up in China! How… geographically odd!

    In England, kids are told they’ll end up in Australia, which isn’t quite right either but slightly closer than Vancouver-China!

  4. Digging through Nanaimo also lands you in the South Pacific.

    Digging from Beijing leads to a spot south of Australia. Maybe it’s the Australians who started digging holes to China.

    If I remember Walden Pond correctly, Thoreau said something about a crazy guy digging a hole to China. However, it seems that would have sent him to South America.

  5. If I dig from here, I end up midway between the tip of India and the Antarctic ice shelf.

    No thanks, I’ll end up flooding my basement.

    If I dig from China, I end up in Chile.

    Now you know where you have to start in order to reach China. No need to thank me.

  6. Weird. I dug from Ottawa and it showed me the bottom tip of South America. But if I zoom out, it marks the Indian Ocean. Methinks the program has bugs.

  7. There would be roughly a two-third chance of ending up in water digging a hole from any random location on earth. Would this be also true when digging from a random place on land? (which would seem like a logical place to dig a hole from)

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