ScaredSacred Opens in Vancouver

ScaredSacred opened at last year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. A year later, this unusual Canadian documentary is getting a theatrical release here in Vancouver. From an email from the director, er, Velcrow Ripper:

Hopefully you already know this, but ScaredSacred is having it’s
theatrical launch this weekend, at Tinsel Town Cinemas in
Vancouver. If you haven’t seen it, now is the time. If you have
seen it, now’s your first chance to see it in Dolby Digital. The
first weekend has a big influence on how long the film stays in the
theatre – so if you can, please support the film and come to one of
the screenings this weekend. Coming next week will help to. There
are some amazing speakers coming this weekend as well, as part of the
related ‘Ground Zero Awareness Campaign’ – people like Joy Kogawa,
Jim Green, and Poets Against War, so check out the website for more

In light of events in the American south, a film about the world’s ‘Ground Zeros’ is pretty topical.

As a side note, I guess I got this email because Velcrow added me to his mailing list. He emailed me a while back because he’d spotted an older post about ScaredSacred. He seemed like a nice guy, and wasn’t even mad at me for making fun of his name. So, you know, go see his movie. I plan to. Like all the cool kids, Velcrow’s got a blog for the film.

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