Texan Blog Marriage

In what must be another first, a couple in Texas have gotten married via their blogs. Gwendolyn writes with this note:

Two people in Texas got married by blog last week under a law in Texas that says you are legally married if you declare it publicly and let other people in the state know (or something to that effect).

Here are her vows and his. They have actually met, so it’s not a nutty, long-distance Internet romance. Hopefully they’ll have an actual wedding too, because they can be fun for the people getting married (though not necessarily for everybody else).


  1. I don’t know if we’ll have an actual wedding yet, we have so much going on with moving my stuff, my business and then, the house is being worked on too so things are rather stressful just now. I’m rather weighed against a wedding mostly because his mother hates me 🙂 but once all of the moving is done, we are planning on a honeymoon trip.

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