Reelfast 1, Darren 0

This weekend I competed in the Reelfast 48 Hour Film Festival. The shtick: teams of 10 people have 48 hours to create, shoot and edit a digital video film, of no more than 10 minutes.

That’s no mean feat. However, we took a somewhat unusual approach to the project, which made the effort even more challenging. I’d better not say more until the film is judged and shown next week, but I’ll try to get a copy to post here. I have mixed feelings about the result. If nothing else, it’s a technical achievement for 48 hours.

Remarkably, the 48 hours passed with few crises and no heated arguments (commonplace in these projects, as you might imagine). I managed to get about 5 hours of sleep the first night, and about 3 the second. I was among the luckier members of my team in this regard, but I’m still pretty wasted this morning.

The festival only had about 50 teams participating this year. That’s down from about 70 in the past couple of years. Apparently the local film industry has really picked up, so there are fewer professionals kicking around with nothing to do.

Until it’s viewed, I’m reticent to post photos from the filming, but here are a couple: TVs of the world unite (a composite of about 25 shots that I Photoshopped together), and an affectionate team member.

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