Slides from BCAMA Talk

Jeremy and I gave the lunchtime talk at the BCAMA’s annual conference. Yes, it was about blogging. It was entitled “8 Blogging Parables”, and told stories about blogging, marketing and PR. These stories will probably be mostly familiar to those in the blogosphere, but I wanted to post the slides, as I promised to do so during the presentation. They’re mostly screenshots, charts and diagrams, so mileage may vary for the casual reader:

I only caught one other presentation–Laurie Coots told a good story about being disruptive and embracing taboos in the marketplace (apparently she’s too busy or disruptive to have a website, so here’s a profile). One point that I thought was highly dubious was the amount of credit she claimed for a successful marketing campaign around a South Korean company during the 2002 World Cup. She failed to mention that the South Korean soccer team exceeded all expectations. If they’d gone out in the round of 32, she wouldn’t be telling that story.

I’m sorry I missed an earlier presentation by David Baxter. He apparently opened the 45-minute talk by saying he had something like 270 slides to run through. That would have been impressive.

UPDATE: Kris Krug of Event Blogging kindly came along and took some photos.


  1. I present to a variety of audiences in Florida (mostly PR/Ad/Media). Sometimes I have 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. I have to constantly pull/insert segments for time constraints.

    I looked over your slides, and for some perspective, how much time did you have to speak?

  2. We had about 45 minutes, plus a few minutes afterward for questions. Basically, it was 5 minutes for the intro, 4 minutes per story and 5 minutes for the conclusion.

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