Auto Assault, Roadwar 2000 and AutoDuel

I don’t like driving. I also don’t like driving games. Gran Turismo looks amazing, but it’s just not my bag. However, put a gun on a car, and I’m all over it.

I have fond memories of a trip to Washington and Oregon in 1987, when I was 13. After an agonizing decision, I walked out of a mall (probably Bellis Fair) with a copy of Roadwar 2000. The rest of the trip was torture for me, as I so looked forward to getting home and playing the game on our IBM personal computer (or perhaps its first replacement). I couldn’t remember the name of this game, so it became the subject of an AskMetafilter question.

A year or two later, Albert Kaan and I spent many after-school hours playing the great game Autoduel. This game, in my memory, mostly involved being an armed courier and driving between cities. It was way cool.

I was reminded of my affection for weaponized cars because of this Kotaku interview, which references a new MMPORG called Auto Assault. It looks pretty cool. In my futile attempt to really like an MMPORG, I’m playing Guild Wars at the moment. I may give up on it and try this Auto Assualt when it’s released. A Honda Civic with a gauss cannon beats a seventh level ranger any day.


  1. My Bonneville wielded twin, retractable, fully-automatic machine guns and an EMP emitter (in my mind). I also had a bumper sticker that said, “Legalize vehicular weaponry” (not in my mind).

  2. Ah, the memories…did we ever play the Car Wars RPG or was that with other people I’m thinking of?

    Hopefully you haven’t had any incidences of road rage inspired by Autoduel and it’s kin. The closest I came was in Beijing when I blew up at a taxi driver that I thought was very rude. Good thing I didn’t have a gun on my bike…:-)

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