A Directory of Corporate RSS Feeds

Nooked is a client of mine. I mention client and client’s projects (if you get my meaning) from time to time when I think they’ll be of interest to my dear readers.

Nooked has launched a directory of corporate RSS feeds. Basically, it’s a Yahoo-esque Yellow Pages (if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphor) of RSS feeds from companies. It attempts to answer the question “where can I get RSS feeds”?

We imagine the typical users of the directory to be people wanting to monitor a particular industry–whether that’s a journalist, analyst or somebody wanting to keep tabs on the competition. At the moment, the directory is pretty light on content. Hopefully people will buy (it’s free, so I’m speaking figuratively) into the idea and add their own corporate feeds.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that they’ve got a search box you can add to your site for feeds, and a Firefox plug-in.


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