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This morning Brian Lamb and I rose at a ridiculous hour to talk to Rick Cluff on the Early Edition about Northern Voice and blogging. Despite our grogginess (well, at least my grogginess) and gravelly voices, I don’t think we embarrassed ourselves too badly:

I’m also going to be doing a follow-up open line session on blogging with BC Almanac next Monday from 1:00 – 2:00pm.

As is so often the case with media coverage, when it rains it pours. We also got a piece on blogging (with more of a corporate focus, expiring link) in the Business section of today’s paper. Conference volunteer and Capulet star Lindsay took one for the team and had her photo taken among the conference t-shirts. I said nice things about Robert:

“He has literally changed the perception of that company among its detractors, especially because he put a face on the evil empire, a face that’s not Steve Balmer or Bill Gates,” said blogger and conference organizer Darren Barefoot. “He owns up when they make mistakes and he’ll say I think we screwed up here.”

If I could, I’d modify the bit about only senior executives blogging. I emphasized that anyone in a company can blog, but that companies should have a blogging policy. I just pointed out that it’s simpler when senior executives blog, because they (hopefully) have a clearer idea of what they can and cannot say.

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  1. Hi,
    I didn’t hear you on that show, I don’t live in vancouver. I heard you later in the day on Almanac when I was driving home. I pricked up my ears when I heard the word blogging then I heard you name and thought,”hey I know of him.”I turned up the radio. It was an enjoyable show. I also saw you, a pic., in an article on blogging in Saturdays Vancouver Sun.


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