Vancouver Farker Party

As evidenced by our own blogger meetups, people who know each other online always want to meet in meatspace. Fark, a popular link site, regularly posts notices about parties all over the world. This Saturday, there’s one in Vancouver at a dodgy English pub:

The Jolly Taxpayer
828 W. Hastings
8pm on Saturday, November 6

Apparently Fark owner/operator Drew Curtis will be in attendance. I’m mostly a lurker on Fark, and I’m prebooked on Saturday night, so I won’t be attending. Still, I figured I’d mention it in passing.


  1. Yeah, the Drew-worship is kind of weird. That said, I’ll likely go to this party, if only for a bit. Me and my friends went last time and it was pretty good, and I prefer dodgy English pubs to “fancy” places like Steamworks (site of the last party).

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