Star Wars Episode III Teaser Trailer Online

I know, episodes one and two were craptastic. Still, the little boy in me can’t resist feeling a smidgen of anticipation for episode three. If nothing else, I get to see Hayden Christensen horribly disfigured. That’s worth the price of admission alone.

Slashdot reports that the episode three teaser trailer is out. Of course, the page on is tremendously b0rked. Here’s an alternative link (MOV, 5 MB) that is currently up. What a surprise–dog fights in space and lots of lightsabre duels. Those are some angry wookies, though.

I’m attempting to download it using BitTorrent. If I’m successful, I might abuse my bandwidth a bit and post it here. As it turns out, I was successful. For the moment, you can download the movie from my server here. It’s of the postage stamp size of online video, so there may be larger versions out there. If you’re keen to know what the hardcore fan boys and girls think, go here (spoilers, no doubt, ahead).


  1. bah. the alternative link has been replaced with a “George Lucas is a Whiny Crybaby” type message. I’m not surprised.

  2. Thanks for putting it up, Darren! It actually looks good! The guy who plays Palpatine looks like he has more to do; that’s cool because he’s an awesome actor. Maybe he taught that whiny Ryan Philippe-lookalike how to act in the last year.

  3. You can get a larger version over at (10MB).

    And yes, despite being terribly disappointed with Episode I, skipping Episode II until it came out on video, I am looking forward to Episode III. This is the last chance Lucas has to have Jar Jar die a horrible death.

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