Flowers from the Heartland

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but during the whole Flowers for Al and Don meme, I heard from Peter Daulton, who made a documentary about the whole world-sends-flowers-to-gay-couples phenomenon. He wrote a while back to invite me to its premier in San Francisco. I couldn’t make it, but here’s an article about the film:

Daulton, who is straight and lives in Novato with his wife, may seem an unlikely person to be so touched by the gift of flowers. But determined to document the people behind the bouquets, he spent six days filming weddings at City Hall and then took off on a two-week, 6,000-mile road trip around the country to interview those who sent flowers. The result, a 25-minute movie, titled “Flowers From the Heartland,” will premiere at the Castro Theatre next month.

Thanks to Casey for the reminder.


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