Anything on Earth

Via the always-fruitful Steel White Table, we find Anything on Earth:

We specialize in custom acquisitions for individuals and corporations who wish to buy and sell, literally, Anything On Earth. No item is too large, too small or too far out of the ordinary for us to locate. Many clients think their request is only an impossible dream, until we proudly deliver their desired item. We have searched for and located airplanes, islands, sports franchises, antiques of all descriptions, electronics, cars, jewelry, designer clothes and thousands of more items.

That’s pretty fascinating. For an info junkie like myself, it’d be a really interesting place to work. Can they find the following things for me:

  • My Arctic Han Solo doll I bured in the backyard when I was seven.
  • Life on other planets.
  • My childlike sense of wonder.

Ah, forget it, I’ll settle for a tropical island with a landing strip and a no-clothes policy.


  1. Hi, Darren … I’d like to find seeds for the ‘Ghost Tree’ of Namibia, can you
    help? Moringa ovalifolia is found in
    wild stands in the Etosha National Park,
    Republic of Namibia. Finding seeds for
    this Moringa species is a real trick as
    I’ve found. — I’m finding sources for
    rare Moringa species to eventually plant
    them for their nutrient dense leaves, and oil-rich seeds, useful for refining
    into biodiesel fuel. — By growing as
    many Moringa species as I can get my hands on, we can get their leaves tested
    for nutrient values, and find the spe-
    cies with the highest nutrient values.
    — If you happen to know where I can find Moringa ovalifolia seeds, especial-
    ly in bulk, please let me know, thanks.

  2. Find me a 1950 Ford 4 door sedan 6 cylinder automobile. Also a 1930 Model A Pick up Truck with the Lic. Plate #688LYY Calif.

  3. I’m looking for a complete dashboard assembly for a 1989 oldsmoble custom cruser station wagon can you help me?

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