Speaking of the Arts

Check out this poorly-formatted list from ABC News. It shows state arts funding for 2003 and 2004. Given Governor Schwarzneggar’s ouevre, it is hardly surprising that they’re cutting their funding by 90% (to a mere $1.9 million), the highest cuts across the nation. The nation as a whole (thanks no doubt to the Bush administration, terrorism paranoia and invading Iraq) is down 23%. Mind you, all the states combined only contribute $272 million to the arts. That’s less than a dollar a person. I wanted to compare this with Canada, which probably isn’t much better, but couldn’t easily find the relavent provincial funding stats.

I’d like to see a chart that shows arts funding over time, indicating Democratic and Repulican terms in power. I’ll bet it’s a roller coaster ride. I guess all of those California artists will be emigrating to Mississippi, one of the few states with an increase.

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  1. A 90% cut? Wow! I realize they are in a terrible budget crunch and that secondary activities like the arts need to take a hit in those times, but taking away 90% of the funding in a single stroke seems tantamount to destroying any number of organizations. Sad news, indeed.

    I did some searching at statcan.ca and found this handy chart for government spending on ‘culture’, at this horrifying url:

    Culture is likely a much broader term than arts proper, but the numbers are healthy even after the declines shown in the slash-happy 90’s.

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