In praise of few decisions

Modern life is distended with decisions. At least, that’s how my modern life feels. I’m very lucky I have so many choices in my life. But all those decisions can get a little wearing.

This is why I enjoy inn-to-inn walking. There are so few decisions there are to make. The route is planned—by me or a local company—and all the accommodation is booked. I’m generally following an established trail, so there’s very little navigating to do. I always know what I’m going to wear each day, because I bring very few clothes.

My job each day is to eat, walk, eat some more, walk some more, eat one last time and sleep. That’s it. A whole day can pass where I barely make any choices at all.

Speaking of eating, even the decision of what to consume is sometimes taken out of my hands. When I’m not overnighting in a village or town, my hosts will cook me dinner and breakfast. There’s rarely a choice in the matter—I eat what they provide for me.

I think this is just about the most decision-free holiday you can have. Even a week at a cabin or on a cruise ship is ripe with the question of “how will I fill my day?” The answer for me is always the same: walk to the next place, take a shower and a nap, eat dinner and go to sleep.

Truly, I have entered my middle age.

In June of 2022, I completed my fourth inn-to-inn walking trip, in the Durdogne region of France. I planned this trip myself and carried all my possessions from place to place (on previous trips, my luggage was taxied to the next destination, lightening my walking load).

We held a staff retreat in France this month, and then we worked from our old house for a couple of weeks. My walking route was determined by proximity to our home base in the Languedoc, and I wanted to start and finish my walk at a train station. These are the emails I sent to friends and family after I finished each day’s walk:


  1. how much does this cost? just curious. is it all arrange by the tour company? link please if so! i’d personally rather bicycle at 16km/h average speed but i’m kr*zy that way 🙂

    1. I organized this trip by myself, though in the past I’ve had a tour company plan the route, book the accommodation and organize the transportation of luggage to the next place I’m staying.

      When I’ve done it in the past, I tend to find a local company, as they will know the region best. When I did a similar trip in Cornwall, I used this company:

  2. Fabulous prose as per usual D! link to tour company please? this sounds ideal except i’d rather bicycle at 16km/h average speed or slower instead of walking but i am kr*zy that way!

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