Notes from today’s iMedia talk

UPDATE: Here are the slightly revised slides  (PDF) I presented today, in PDF format.

This morning I gave a talk entitled “Trackbacked: A decade of social media” at the iMedia conference in Edmonton. I was intentional in choosing that title, as the term ‘trackback’ (replaced, I suppose, by the likes of ‘reblog’ and ‘repin’) has disappeared from common usage as quickly as it appeared.

The talk is a meandering look back at the last 10 years of social media, and some of the lessons I’ve learned there-in.

As I sometimes do, I created a mindmap to organize my initial ideas about the talk. I thought it might interest iMedia attendees to check it out. Click to embiggen:

These are just early notes, so I may not completely believe (or be willing to argue in favour of) everything in that image. The version above is just an image, so here are the links sprinkled around the diagram:

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk yesterday. Lots to think about and implement. Just as in the case of technology and science social media is ever evolving and I am looking forward to the learning process.

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